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“My MS Project 2010 Tutorial will teach you to master MS Project in just 2 days and grasp fingertip control of the World’s #1 planning and control tool”

You will not be seen by others as a competent project manager unless you can master Microsoft Project

So read on.

Dave Litten Qualified Microsoft Project Trainer

Dave Litten Qualified Microsoft Project Trainer

Look, I know you are busy managing your projects and staff, So I will jump straight to the point. Busy Project Managers don’t usually have the spare time – or budget,  to attend a Project 2010 Tutorial scheduled training event, worse yet, attempt to dredge through a text-dense training book.

This dirty recession has hit businesses and project professionals in the gut and never before has there been a greater sure-fire need for efficient and productive Project Managers – and that means easily and seamlessly using my Project 2010 Tutorial tutorial to plan, communicate, and control their projects.

I’m seeing a huge response from managers who need to implement more detailed, realistic, and achievable plans in order to get better control of their projects.

You have probably found that the internet is awash with tiny segments of how Microsoft Project works, with countless experts and forums out there giving you their opinions – unfortunately they make your MS Project learning experience similar to death by a thousand cuts! Like a 5000-part jigsaw puzzle without a picture and being handed one piece at a time.

In today’s world, only the strongest survive.

Worse, most of the Microsoft Project 2010 learning materials out there just force-feed your brain with confusing project functions, and I’m willing to bet that if you don’t like Microsoft Project, it’s just because you don’t yet understand HOW it thinks and works.

Without first understanding WHY each feature of MS Project is important, you will not be able to apply it to your current projects

Can you believe that some folks are even using Excel as a sort of task spread sheet in place of a proper planning tool! Trouble is, their vital plans are all hand-cranked, with the upshot that scheduling, resourcing and forecasting is a hit and miss affair that leads to failure because Excel does not give you an interactive planning model…

But there’s more.

“Get A Grip On MS Project 2010″

Download My Video High Definition Widescreen Project 2010 Tutorial In Easy Step-By-Step Modules

Microsoft Project 2010 tutorial  is the ‘must-have’ app for ALL project managers and organizational project offices, from ‘just-starting novice’ to an ‘in the trenches’ Pro. Check out the powerful features of the latest 2010 incarnation. I know you’ll agree with me that it is a powerful and intuitive Project Management Application, with a brand-new sleek user interface that fits right in with the rest of the MS Office Suite.

I’m willing to bet that if you don’t like Microsoft Project, it’s just because you don’t YET understand how it thinks and works. Frankly, sometimes it doesn’t seem to behave as you expect, but once you understand how it ‘thinks’, then you’re back in the driving and managing seat!

Master Microsoft Project 2010. Everything I do believes in challenging the current way that management training is delivered. My video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps, and are downloaded direct to your computer.

I call these video trainers, Primers – Want To Own One?

Now here comes the good part.

 Why You Need My MS Project 2010 Primer:

  • NEW SKILLS. You Learn Over A Weekend
  • NEW SKILLS. Watch My Amazing 16-Minute Overview Demonstration Video!
  • LESS COST. NO expensive training course
  • LESS COST. NO travel expenses
  • LESS COST. NO accommodation expenses
  • LESS TIME. NO need to leave home and travel
  • LESS TIME. NO need to share your learning time with others
  • LESS TIME. Immediate download of my training materials
  • LESS TIME. Study at your own time and pace
  • LESS TIME. Study when your energy is high to absorb and practice
  • LESS WORK. Learning is easier and more natural – books are harder!
  • LESS WORK. Just Watch and Do – reading requires massive concentration
  • LESS WORK. My Primer is organised in Easy Steps to Fast-Track your learning


Want to learn more about how my MS Project 201 tutorial Integrates With Best Practice Methodologies?

Read on.

My Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorial gives ALL you need, downloaded direct to your PC or MAC

Here’s what you get:

1. 14 HD MP4 Video Training Modules
2. Primer PDF Step-By-Step Guide with full colour graphics
3. Primer PDF Exercise Workbook
4. 54 MS Project Practice files
5. PRINCE2 MS Project Templates
6. Fast-Track Microsoft Project In 16 Minutes Flat Video!

project 2010 tutorial


A Download version of my Microsoft Project 2010 Training Seminars for Managers just like you…

This home-study version is the next-best thing to face-to-face training. It’s all meat… and it’s a superb deal for anyone unable or unwilling to forfeit the time to attend a scheduled course, and my MS Project 2010 Primer can turn anyone into a Competent Master of MS Project, without the need to attend expensive classroom training.

Here’s a sample from my Step-By-Step guide:

project 2010 tutorial

…and my Microsoft Project Scenario exercises:

project 2010 tutorial

Unlike most of the Microsoft Project 2010 learning materials out there who just force-feed your brain with confusing project functions, I’ve blended the on-screen learning with PowerPoint presentations for each Module – don’t under-estimate the power of this for you to master MS Project 2010 quicker than you ever imagined!

Because I first explain the reason WHY each feature of MS Project is important, then put it into context of a real life project. Here’s just one sample dynamic slide from my Tracking Module Video before I demonstrate it on-screen with Microsoft Project 2010:


But I didn’t stop there.


Get your PRINCE2 project up and running quickly with my UNIQUE Project 2010 PRINCE2 Template modules, PRINCE2 Document and Register Templates

Watch this short 10-minute Video…


Here is what you get:

  • Seven MS Project 2010 PRINCE2 Project Templates
  • Two 30-minute Tailoring  ‘How-To HD Videos
  • Full Colour User Guide
  • Full Product-based Planning Module
  • Management By Exception Module
  • Issue and Change Control Module
  • Nine PRINCE2 Management Product MS WORD Templates
  • Quality, Issue and Risk Register/Log Excel Spreadsheet Templates


Been There. Done That.

I ran hundreds of Microsoft Project training courses from the ’90′s and on into the 2000′s, and I reckon I know as much as anyone about how to teach it, how to help you intuitively learn it, but most important of all, how you can apply it in the real-world.

I’ve provided thousands of dollars’ worth of consultation to large multinationals advising and demonstrating how to embed the MS Project 2010 management tool in their organizations. I talk the talk. I walk the walk.

Frankly, you should be excited!

See, I have been using Microsoft Project since around version 2.0 way back in the late ’80′s. I thought it was a good Project Management Application even then, because although there was competition , other apps were more complex and difficult to use. Back then Project Managers often needed a support office to run such software. But times have changed and planning tools like Microsoft Project have got much more powerful!


Fast-Track With my Amazing “Microsoft Project In 16 Minutes Flat!” VIDEO



I’ve now included my Fast-Track Overview of MS Project 2010 in just 16 minutes – watch this first to build your confidence – and you will absolutely know that you can Master Microsoft Project 2010 for your projects!


Is Your Future Worth A Tiny Investment?

Frankly, if you shop around, you can get the latest Microsoft Project Professional Primer for around a hundred bucks (just after it launched, I paid $75 for my copy on eBay and had it shipped from Hong Kong!).

So even if your organization is not prepared to stump up the cash – it’s a no-brainer that street-smart PM’s  grab themselves a copy…

This dirty recession has hit businesses and project professionals in the gut and never before has there been a sure-fire need for efficient and productive Managers.

This has fueled requests from new and experienced project managers for me to design a breakthrough video training product that will teach you the critical skills, knowledge and experience to master Microsoft Project 2010 at a time and place that suits YOU

How Much Is My MS Project 2010 Primer?

You can invest in Mastering Microsoft Project 2010 Primer for just £77.00

Microsoft Project 2010 Primer Plus PRINCE2 Templates and HD Videos

FAIR WARNING.  As a Special Offer, you can currently buy my Primer with the extra PRINCE2 Templates, but they will be withdrawn in the near future as I am making them part of a new Primer, so don’t delay – Get Yours Today:

Instantly Downloadable

So, Click Below to order:

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P.S.  Final Reminder.

You probably have yet to become competent in using MS Project 2010, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

Your project management career and earning potential depends upon mastering  the planning tool of choice. Right now, you are exposed to greater competition, so why sit back and watch others grab your opportunities? Invest NOW by clicking HERE!

My Special Offer includes both my Full “Master MS Project 2010 Primer PLUS my valuable PRINCE2 Templates. The extra benefits these bring is your ability not just to use MS Project, but to set up a complete Project Framework to ensure a structured and consistent approach to all Your project planning.  Don’t miss out – invest before this offer is withdrawn - Get Yours Now!

Stay focused,

 Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorial









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